About Me

I am a high school student from Raffles Institution in Singapore. I spend most of my time building web apps, implementing machine learning models, and reading about statistics.

Many people suffer from the lack of access to opportunities, and businesses are riddled with inefficiencies. I am passionate about solving these problems with software development and data science.

What I'm Doing Now

Alongside balancing school commitments, I'm a research intern at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Our business data science research team is studying the impact of ad-blocking on publishers and readers, and how publishers can best deal with ad-blocker users.

What I Have Done

I was a data science intern at AI Singapore, a large non-profit for supporting AI development in Singapore. During my time there, I worked towards bringing data science into the F&B industry.

I was also a data science intern at Psion Insights, a risk management startup. Our team's mission was to solve the inefficiencies of issue reporting with software development and machine learning.

During my free time, I work on personal projects to expand my skillset and tackle problems faced by people around me. Find out more about my projects here.

Other Things I Enjoy

I read about philosophy, economic history and cliodynamics. When I'm procrastinating, I watch anime and play chess. But honestly, nothing beats sleeping.