About Me

Hey there! I am a high school student (JC2) from Raffles Institution in Singapore. Most people know me as the young tech guy working in the education space.

The pre-tertiary education system no longer prepares youths well enough to face tomorrow's challenges. I started a publication to discuss just this. And online learning is still riddled with problems. My mission is to make education better and more accessible.

What I'm Doing Now

I spend most of my time working on RoadMaple and EchoClass. RoadMaple is an online learning platform to help youths figure out the best way to learn a skill. EchoClass is an online classroom tool for teachers to track student progress during lessons

What I Have Done

I was research intern at a business data science research group in New Jersey Institute of Technology. I co-authored 2 papers on the impact of ad-blocking on publishers and readers, and how publishers can best deal with ad-blocker users. Both are under review.

I was a data science intern at AI Singapore, a large non-profit for supporting AI development in Singapore. During my time there, I worked towards bringing data science into the F&B industry.

I was also a data science intern at Psion Insights, a risk management startup. Our team's mission was to solve the inefficiencies of issue reporting with software development and machine learning.

During my free time, I work on personal projects to expand my skillset and tackle problems faced by people around me. Find out more about my projects here.

Other Things I Enjoy

I read about philosophy, economic history and cliodynamics. When I'm procrastinating, I watch anime and play chess. But honestly, nothing beats sleeping.